Effects of stimulus speed, exercise intensity, and experience level on coincidence anticipation timing in badminton players

Thesis Type: Doctorate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Education, Department of Physical Education and Sports, Turkey

Approval Date: 2020

Student: Bahman Golshaei



The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of stimulus speed, exercise intensity, and experience level (experienced, novice, & sedentary) on coincidence- anticipation timing performance of adolescent badminton players. 139 participants consist of experienced (n=42), novice (n=43) badminton players, and sedentary (n=54) with the age range of 11 to 17 years old voluntarily participated in the presented study after ethical approval. Coincidence anticipation timing scores was evaluated by Bassin Anticipation Timer apparatus at 1 mph (low), 3 mph (middle) and 5 mph (high) stimulus speeds using an incremental running protocol under different exercise intensities a) Rest, b) 70%, and c) 90% Heart Rate Reserve on a treadmill. The results (Raw scores) were converted into two types of errors (Absolute & Variable Errors), representing accuracy and variability, correspondingly. Mixed model ANOVAs demonstrated that badminton players performed significantly better than sedentary participants for both absolute and variable errors, also experienced players performed better than beginner badminton players 7 and sedentary participants. The results also showed that there were significant differences among stimulus speeds of both groups in 70 % exercise intensity. Additionally, there was no significant difference between experienced and novice players in 90% exercise intensity. The findings of this study concluded that novice players and sedentary participants had some difficulties anticipating high stimulus speed in rest conditions and high exercise intensity compared to experienced badminton players. So, the outcomes of the presented study offer that badminton trainers should make training sessions of novice players working with each other at high speeds.