The stabilization of a two axes gimbal of a roll stabilized missile

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Sciences, Turkey

Approval Date: 2011

Thesis Language: English

Student: Özgür Hastürk



Nowadays, high portion of tactical missiles use gimbaled seeker. For accurate target tracking, the platform where the gimbal is mounted must be stabilized with respect to the motion of the missile body. Line of sight stabilization is critical for fast and precise tracking and alignment. Although, conventional PID framework solves many stabilization problems, it is reported that many PID feedback loops are poorly tuned. In this thesis, recently introduced robot control method, proxy based sliding mode control, is adopted for the line of sight (LOS) stabilization. Before selecting the proposed method, adaptive neural network sliding mode control and fuzzy control are also implemented for comparative purposes. Experimental and simulation results show a satisfactory response of the proxy based sliding mode controller.