From gender equality to gender justice : a critical discourse analysis in terms of gender equality in Turkey

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Approval Date: 2019

Student: Elif Baba



The study focuses on the shift in the axis of women's policies from gender equality to gender justice within the last years in Turkey. Gender justice is the reflection of the miscellaneous transformation policy of the neoconservative discourse on women's issues. The study demonstrates that gender justice is designed by the neoconservative discourse to eliminate the role of gender equality on women's policies, by its distortion. Lacking a theoretical background or an effective argument, gender justice reproduces patriarchal gender roles by promoting a biologically deterministic attitude towards the relationship between women and men. New Right government policies including the glorification and promotion of religion, family and nationalism are instrumentalized by the discourse within the formulation of gender justice. The study remarks that gender justice, grounds on the principle of complementarity instead of equality and emphasizes biological differences between men and women on gender roles influenced by the religious approach of the Vatican, along with strategies imported from anti-gender movements of the West. The objective of this study which is conducted with the method of critical discourse analysis from a feminist perspective is to demonstrate the inconsistency of gender justice with the notions of women's rights and equality, analyzing the discourse of neoconservatives on women. As a result, this study discusses how gender justice approach constitutes a context for the current discourse of the representatives of neoconservatism, with its characteristics that realize the transformation against gender equality and reproduce hegemonic gender roles.