Investigating pre-service teacher's environmental literacy through their epistemological beliefs

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Faculty of Education, Mathematics and Science Education, Turkey

Approval Date: 2009




The primary purposes of present study were 1) investigation of epistemological beliefs held by preservice teachers, 2)investigation of relationship between pre-service teachers’ environmental literacy and their epistemologicalbeliefs,3)investigation of predictors of pre-service teachers’ intentions to act environmental behavior. Secondary purpose of the study was to investigate effect of gender, academic major, and grade level on environmental literacy of pre-service teachers. This study was carried out during the spring semester of2008. Sample of this study constituted 560 pre-service teachers from a public university in Ankara. In this study data was obtained from the administration of Turkish versions of Schommers’ Epistemological Belief Questionnaire and Environmental Literacy Questionnaire. The data were analyzed by using factor analysis, correlational analysis, multiple regression analysis, and multivariate analysis of variances (MANOVA). We found five epistemological belief factors which indicated that pre-service teachers held multidimensional epistemological beliefs.Epistemological belief components, innate ability and quick learning, were significantly related with behavior component of environmental literacy. Innate ability, quick learning dimensions of epistemological beliefs and environmental attitude, concern were investigated to be the predictors of behavior. mean scores of pre-service teachers’.Moreover,results of this study revealed that gender; academic major and grade level have effect on environmental literacy of pre-serviceteachers.